Sunday, November 28, 2010

The dilemma of a child

The worst thing that can ever happen to a child is when he or she sees their parents fought and there is no solution in it. The child stood in the middle of the fight, not knowing what to do, helpless, angry that why this situation is happening to her instead of somebody else. In her heart, she questioned herself, “Why me?”, “Why my family?”… She paused a moment to think, perhaps she has not been a good girl lately, that is why God punishes her for her misbehavior. She begins to do her prayers consistently, with a sincere heart and clear intentions… all she wants is her family to be united again…
But do the parents know what the little girl is doing… for pete’s sake, they don’t even bother of what she is doing, all they care in the world is themselves, their work, their life. They are so wrapped up with their own problems that they forgotten about the little girl they had… Her feelings are at a breaking point… but nobody cares and knows about it. Adults always think that they have the most problems in the world. They avenge their children to let out the feeling of dissatisfaction in them. They only know that they are sad, their needs are not met… but what happened to the children?
When the little girl’s prayers are not answered, the little girl has somehow lose faith in God. There is nobody to help her now, not even hugging her teddy bear will give her comfort now. She searched desperately for a warm hand to lead her back to the right path… but there is just nobody. She is left alone in darkness… waiting…
The waiting kills her… in her frustration and loneliness; she kills herself… looking at the rush of blood make her calm… for dying holds no pain to her… the waiting finally ends…

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Difference between a Sane person and an Insane person

Everybody would have thought that being sane is much much better than being insane, at least most will have that thought, but I choose to differ. From my observation, living as an insane person is way much better than living as a sane person. Do you want to know the reason behind it? Here goes…

Living as an insane person is pretty much living in their own world. Okay, that doesn’t sound appropriate, right? Living in isolation? No, you have got me wrong, ladies and gentleman. My point here is an insane person has a carefree life, not caring what other people have to say about them. When my father commented that an insane guy who walked to and fro the same place for the past three years, my first thought is “Crazy guy does whatever crazy guys do”. On a second thought, I feel that he does not even bother what other talked about him. He is happy in his own world, and that is what matters most. Who say crazy people never have the time in their life? They have, just that they don’t tell, doesn’t mean that they don’t have any.

What is the good of staying sane all the time? I have to admit I am not completely truthful towards my feelings when I am sane. I hide whatever bad feelings that are bolted inside me, fixing my fake fa├žade so that people will have a good impression on me. I am anxious about what others have to say about me, thinking more than twice what words should I uttered to the crowd just to get through in life by and by. Why are we big hypocrites? We are lying to ourselves. What are we proving to other people, that we have good personality? Does it prove anything?

What is the difference then, living as a sane and insane person. At least, an insane is true to his feelings. We are great liars, actors and actresses. There is no need to watch Hong Kong dramas and Korean dramas to learn how to act. We are qualified enough to become Hollywood’s biggest stars based on our daily performance, putting on make-up every day. A little eye shadow here to cover the dark circles of one’s eyes, a little blush to give me a glow on my plain, as white as sheet face, lip gloss is important to make my lips brighter, not to forget eyeliner, to make my eyes bigger, and most importantly the mascara…how can I forget that, that is my medicine to my disastrous face!

We never know how people’s life is until we step into their shoes, walk a few rounds in it. How different we sane people are from insane people?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Uneasy feelings bloated inside..

Have you ever feel that you don't belong to a certain group and all you want to do is to avoid as much as possible?
But deep inside your heart, you know very well that the fault is not in your friends. It is in you. You are the one who cannot accept the ideas that they proposed. You are the one who is only thinking that you are right. You are the one who could not accept changes that happens so abruptly? All the questions and answers fall back on you...
Okay, you might think that the changes are not good for he/her or maybe you as it interfere your interests, that you are jealous of the new relationship being built?
Are you facing an identity crisis now?
Better make some self reflection on yourself before judging others.